In all industrial and financial sectors, more and more companies are committed, in line with their raison d’être or “purpose”, to building a sustainable future with responsible growth, taking into account the objectives of sustainable development, the reference framework set by the UN for political, economic and financial actors. This desire is in line with the profound change we are experiencing at the global macroeconomic level: in recent years, we have seen a shift from an economy of efficiency to an economy of resilience, where societal and environmental excellence is a strategic priority for companies. At the heart of financing the economy, financial institutions have a key role to play in this transition and are already committed to promoting and making an impact on the three axes of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG).

In the continuity of our work, publications and events concerning the quest for meaning and purpose in companies[1], green finance[2] or the challenges of ESG transformation in financial services, we have built an experienced and multidisciplinary team and an ecosystem of reflection on these ESG themes that we consider to be major. Exton Purpose is our expertise entirely dedicated to impact and sustainability, to help our clients in financial services to build resilient and innovative models with positive ESG impacts.

In order to specifically address the needs of each department at our clients, we support them on 4 pillars: ESG 360 Strategy, ESG First Client Offer, Innovation for Good and ESG Compliance.

Based on our convictions in terms of ESG transformation and our recognized multidisciplinary expertise (financial services, innovation, data, transformation, compliance), we support our customers in defining and implementing their long-term strategy, designing tomorrow’s ESG offerings with new customer and employee career paths, and implementing new models and ecosystems.

Strategy ESG 360

  • Define the company’s vision (implementation of the raison d’être), ambitions and corresponding sustainable strategies
  • Setting the company, employees and all stakeholders in motion and driving ESG transformation
  • Positioning data ESG at the heart of the financial services transformation
  • Organize evaluation and communication on impact measurement
  • Define tomorrow’s business models and evaluate investment options

ESG First client offer

  • Transform existing product lines and create new brands and responsible products ESG First
  • Define new ESG First customer paths
  • Adapt employee career paths, their training and sales animation
  • Measure the impact of each offer and communicate it by selecting an appropriate labelling strategy.

Innovation for Good

  • Decipher the Techs for Good universe and help teams to develop their skills via inspiration book, training and LEX…
  • Evaluate and select innovation opportunities for Good
  • Carry out transformative projects such as the creation of open banking/insuring platforms, acquisitions or graduations.

ESG Compliance

  • Anticipate European and national regulatory scenarios to analyze their business and functional impacts in terms of offers, career paths, HR, reporting and on existing projects.
  • Framing, implementing and managing ESG regulatory projects
  • Assess and integrate ESG risks into models at the corporate level or in credit/investment portfolios

1] cf. Exton 2019 Summer University and Inside Financial Services newsletter n°47, 3rd quarter 2019, dedicated to the theme “purpose-driven companies”.

2] See Inside Financial Services letter no. 42, 2nd quarter 2018.

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Jean-Marc Breitwiller,

Laure Moaty Richon,

Some examples of missions

  • Definition of the ESG First vision of the company
  • Diagnosis & ESG 360 roadmap
  • Steering and animation of the ESG transformation
  • Design of ESG First offers and associated marketing
  • Definition of new customer paths ESG First
  • Elaboration of employee career paths (training, animation…)
  • Inspiration book Techs for Good with LEX
  • Acquisition / Fintegration
  • Creation of open banking/insuring platforms
  • Regulatory watch
  • ESG Risk Mapping
  • Regulatory compliance project
  • Templates / Tools for Risk Assessment and Internal Policies