Exton Emotion is a multidisciplinary team specializing in the design of experiences and emotions, drawing on Exton Consulting Part of Accenture’s know-how and business expertise in financial services.

We believe in a people-centered approach to find strategic opportunities and innovate in a sustainable way.

We believe in emotions as a lever for a memorable experience.

Our conviction: experience is a key factor of differentiation and of customer and employee engagement, in an economy where personalization is pushed to the extreme.

Driven by consumer behavior and market innovations, the experience economy has already profoundly transformed a number of industries and has begun its transformation in financial services. The consumer is now seen as a person with a strong emotional capacity, hitherto neglected. The great challenge today is to succeed in engaging them in an experience that will remain in their memory as a positive and unique recollection, a source of satisfaction and loyalty.

In financial services, new players have entered the market, disrupting the traditional players by offering disruptive customer experiences (simplicity, instantaneity…). With great agility in enriching their value proposition, these new players have a strong ability to adapt to customer expectations.

Inevitably, the future belongs to companies that will be able to rotate, transform their business model and organizations to gain agility, to meet the extremely strong need for customization of customers. From now on, it’s all about delivering unique, memorable and economically valuable experiences.

Our approach

Redefine, reenchant, build, align: the 4 pillars of Exton Emotion

Your contacts:

Nicolas Felgueiras,

Sandrine Biard,
Senior Strategic Design Manager

Examples of missions

  • Vision 2030 of the strategic positioning of a private bank
  • Identification of diversification opportunities for an insurer
  • Creation of a multi-country leasing marketplace
  • Creation of a neo-bank
  • Redesign of the overdraft offer of a banking player
  • Organizational design for the headquarters of a regional bank