Open data, advanced analytics, deep risk, machine learning… The unprecedented development of data and computer science, coupled with a democratization of storage and calculus capacities, is revolutionizing modeling and statistics and is having a major impact on the financial services sector through its multiple applications: finance, risk, marketing, strategic plans, pricing, organization, HR, processes…

We are convinced that consulting must now enter the era of data sciences, and we also strongly believe that strong business expertise is a big success factor to secure Analytics potential. This is what Exton Analytics is all about, where we fully integrate, for the benefit of our clients, strong analytical and technical skills, and our business know-how on the financial services industry, with real and perceptible impacts for the players involved.

The Exton Analytics integrated team assists Exton Consulting Part of Accenture’s clients in three main areas:

  1. Business (strategy & marketing, distribution & sales, operations and customer services),
  2. FRC (finance, risks, actuarial, compliance),
  3. Transformation issues related to data development, from a data-driven company perspective.

Some examples of missions

  • Knowledge and customer value (segmentation, appetence, churn, potential projection)
  • Process improvement (customer journey, quality of service, pain points, BO process…)
  • Pricing of insurance or credit portfolios (Property & Casualty, Mortgage, Consumer Credit, NPL, …)
  • Optimization of risks and capital costs (Capital planning, stress test [including Covid impact], Risk appetite/reinsurance strategy…)
  • Data strategy and roadmap