Our know-how

Exton Consulting offers advice to executive boards of major banks and insurance companies and supports them in handling their growth and transformation issues, across six distinct areas of specialisation.

Growth strategies

From the design of the strategic plan to the actual completion of the project, Exton Consulting provides support during all phases of the implementation of the company's growth strategy:

  • Trade and market positioning: analysis of the market and the company's business portfolio, evaluation of customer segments and their potential (sub-segmentation and segmentation changes), redefinition of the client's positioning, adoption of industrial customer knowledge tools, etc.
  • External growth: identification of new sources and levers of growth, development of new concepts and products, etc..
  • Geographic growth: mergers/consolidation/alliances/partnerships (Europe, World), expansion in growth markets (especially emerging markets)
  • Strategic alliances and partnerships: opportunity analysis, acquisition due diligence, etc.

Sales & marketing

Exton Consulting assists its clients with their six main issues around sales and marketing topics:

  • Customer marketing / CRM: marketing plan and strategy, segmentation, relationship marketing, customer acquisition, loyalty programmes, customer equipment, etc.
  • Marketing of products and services: brand portfolio management, innovation and product/service development processes, monitoring of product/service launches, marketing investment analysis, pricing strategy, etc.
  • Digital marketing: reputation, online and mobile customer acquisition, personalised digital interaction and cross-selling, enhancement of the customer multichannel experience, digital marketing coordination, etc.
  • Relationship management: customer interaction systems, recognition programme, customer service model, monitoring and improvement of customer satisfaction, network culture of service, etc.
Distribution strategy and organisation: multi-channel strategy, distribution segmentation, scope of physical networks, demographics, resource allocation, new concepts/evolution of points-of-sale, partnership strategy and implementation, call center effectiveness, sales/customer service clarity, etc. Sales effectiveness: business management and policies, network management and monitoring, sales force management and incentives, etc.

Operational efficiency

Exton Consulting's draws on specific expertise to assist its clients in the complete implementation of operational efficiency plans, from diagnosis to practical implementation:

  • Performance benchmarking applying a responsive and reliable diagnostic tool developed inhouse by Exton: The Exton Benchmark
  • Overhaul and optimisation of channels/processes
  • Definition and implementation of efficiency improvements
  • Strategy and implementation of pooling and outsourcing initiatives

People & change

Exton Consulting’s offering covers a wide range of HR related areas:

  • HR strategy and culture
  • Optimisation of HR processes
  • Forward-looking skills management
  • Change support
  • HR organisation

Finance & risks

Exton Consulting has the expertise to assist its clients in overhauling their performance monitoring and risk control framework:

  • Strategic and operational performance indicators
  • Strategic and budget planning
  • Measuring profitability
  • ERM strategy/risk management
  • Risk monitoring and control
  • Risk decisioning and methodology

Mergers & restructuring

From the intent to merge to the implementation phase, including due diligence and the detailed drafting of the merger agreement, Exton Consulting guides the client through the key steps in the merger process. The firm handles the following areas:

  • Implementation of mergers
  • Post merger Integration
  • Organisation of governance networks
  • Management of the transformation programme