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Our clients, players in the insurance, banking, payments, CIB & asset management sectors, are faced with numerous challenges in regards to growth, transformation and innovation, which require a high level of business expertise amongst our consultants.

Retail banking
Payments & Consumer Finance
CIB & asset management

Payments & Consumer Finance

Debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards
E-payment solutions for merchants
E-M commerce, mobile payments, wallets
SEPA flows and cash management

Payments play a key role in the business model and the relationship strategy of retail banks. The growing volume and importance digital and dematerialized payment solutions have up to now helped to develop the profitability of this industry from which banks have profited.

The positive trend has however faltered since the beginning of 2010, as a result of increased regulatory and security pressures (EMD, PSD1 and 2, regulation of interchange fees, PCI-DSS, etc.), opening up to competition, and the acceleration of innovation driven by the smartphone boom. All of these factors have helped to make the payments value chain a new playing field which, one link at a time, is changing profoundly and attracting new players that are challenging this once highly profitable business model for banks. Having already withdrawn from the business of the acquisition of e-money flows in some countries, and being disintermediated by payment service providers (PSPs) in the acceptance of e-commerce flows, banks will now have to contend with the advent of account aggregators authorised by PSD2 to originate payments. Lastly, pressure from the ECB to develop real-time transfers in Europe will trigger the emergence of a new generation of payments truly in sync with tomorrow’s digital world, a digital world stongly linked to the extension and growing industrialisation of the risk of fraud.

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