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As a people-centred firm, Exton Consulting offers you an intellectually rewarding and motivating working environment, as a member of an experienced, committed team.

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Who are we looking for?
Life at the firm

Who are we
looking for?

Are you a graduate of one of the leading business schools or engineering schools?


Beyond their academic qualifications, we seek candidates who possess a range of skills that will permit them to flourish at Exton Consulting:

  • Passionate, entrepreneurial, creative, pragmatic, empathetic
  • Enjoy teamwork, possess strong social and listening skills, willing to take initiatives
  • A high dedication to work, an analytic spirit, and the ability to adapt quickly


Please send us your CV and a cover letter by e-mail to the recruitment contact below.

We do our best to respond to all applications in a timely manner. The full recruitment process is based on several interviews (three at least) with both consultants and partners. Interviews last around one hour and can be broken down into four main parts:

  • A presentation of Exton Consulting’s business and positioning
  • Your background and motivation
  • A real-life case exercise
  • Answers to any questions you may have.

Given the firm’s dynamic growth, the recruitment process can be very fast and tailored to suit your availability.

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The insider’s view of what makes Exton Consulting different

Read these testimonials of our consultants, in which they discuss their career, who they are, why they chose Exton and their assignments as a member of the firm.

Exton Consulting in the words of its consultants

Testimony of our consultants


Senior consultant


Senior consultant










At Exton Consulting, we offer you the opportunity to participate in high-level consulting assignments, while benefiting from working in specialised, committed teams and receiving high-quality training.



What is an Exton assignement?

Projects generally consist of several components and consultants are responsible for one or more work streams.This means that while teams may work separately, project progress and the challenging of recommendations are ultimately joint efforts. We also favour a work approach based on consistent consultant-client interactions. As these usually tend to develop into long-term consulting relationships with the firm, this facilitates a meaningful follow-up and ongoing consultant dedication.

As the firm’s success is based on the involvement and development of each consultant, we develop a culture of responsibility and engagement within our teams. You will be rapidly involved in all project phases, from diagnosis and analysis to drawing up and presenting recommendations to the client. This spirit of initiative is developed on a daily basis during assignments and is also reflected in the firm’s working environment.

What’s the breakdown between time spent at the office and time spent with a client?

There is no general rule. Depending on the type of project, the time spent at the client’s office can vary greatly.Working in close collaboration often is a prerequisite for successful projects.Subsequently we often work on site at the client’s locationon an almost full-time basis.

How is the staffing process handled?

Staffing is the processof assigning consultants to projects. The idea is to provide consultants with real professional development opportunities accross the various sectors covered, and accross a wide range of issues and different contexts. The staffing process involves the entire firm: the consultant, management, the mentor, the project leader, etc.

In order to be better able to meet everyone’s expectations, needs are anticipated in advance: the consultants express their expectations and shares them with management, their project manager and their mentor; project leaders express their needs at the earliest possible stage, providing as much detail as possible; the mentors set out their expectations during the consultant assessments.

How internation may I work?

There are two different ways to gain international experience at Exton. Firstly, our clients are international and so are some of their challenges which require international solutions and projects. Secondly, the firm itslef is developing its business abroad, creating opportunities for each individual to work abroad.

careers and career development


What career paths are possible at Exton?

We offer positions at different levels in the firm, depending on each candidate’s professional experience. After joining the firm, consultants can be promoted along a dynamic career paths:Career pyramid

The development of our consultants is based on five guiding principles:

  • A mentor to accompany the consultant throughout his or her career
  • Training to develop the consultant’s skills according to his or her individual profile and needs (see “training”)
  • Staffing that matches project requirements with the consultant development needs (see “assignments”)
  • An evaluation processwith performance assessments linked to the consultant’s promotion
  • Non-project activities to promote adherence to the firm’s values and team spirit

How are consultants evaluated?

Through its evaluation process, Exton Consulting seeks to cultivate excellence, help talent flourish, be transparent and support each individual to develop at his or her own pace. Evaluations, which are an integral part of each consultant’s pathway, are carried out via formal end-of-assignment procedures, feedback during each assignment and biannual reviews which provide for an assessment and a possible promotion. These evaluations are the time for all consultants to assess their areas for improvement.

What is the sponsor’s role? 

Mentorship is offered to all new consultants when they join Exton Consulting. The mentor is at least one level more senior than the consultant, and he or she is at least at Manager level. His or her role is to advise the consultant, support his or her integration and professional development, and represent him or her during assessments.

Are consultants specialised?

The specialisation of consultants is not our goal, and in general we do not believe in extensive specialisation while in our current development stage, employing a growing team of more than 100 staff. Versatility is our priority. Nevertheless, during project work consultants obviously develop skills and knowledge on specific sectors and issues.

What opportunities for mobility does Exton offer?

Beyond participating in international assignments entrusted to the firm, Exton Consulting offers its consultants the opportunity to develop their career abroad on a short or longer-term basis. The firm opened an office in Casablanca in 2010 to develop its activities in the Maghreb countries, followed by an office in Milan in 2011 ans an office in Munich in 2017. Exton Consulting’s ambition is to pursue its international growth and it plans to open other offices in Europe in the near future.

Can Exton accompany me in my personal development?

At Exton, we believe in people and in the positive values that they promote. The welfare and satisfaction of our consultants are important to us, and we try to nurture this on a daily basis throughout the firm’s internal culture. The support for individual team members go as far as allowing them to take a few months off in order to travel around the world or accomplish a personal project.

integration & training


What will my first week at Exton Consulting be like?

After the inevitable paperwork and logistical formalities, you will have the opportunity to participate in an orientation seminar featuring: a presentation of the firm (assignments, HR, office life, administrative information, etc.), feedback on assignments, training modules, a welcome breakfast and a welcome cocktail.

This week will also be an opportunity for you to get acquainted with the firm’s office staff. A mentor will accompany you during your discovery of how we operate and, quite often you may leave that first week to embark on your firste assignment! Lunch with one of the partners will be arranged either on the first day, or within the first week of your arrival. During assignments, members of the team are available to help younger consultants by sharing their knowledge with them.

What types of training are available to Exton consultants?

The training and individual development of consultants are a priority. Indeed, the strength of a firm depends on the individuals it employs. Several types of training are offered to consultants, depending on their needs and their professional level: training related to consulting techniques (conducting meetings, business cases, oral and written communication, tools, etc.); deep drive session (proposals, industry knowledge, assignment evaluations, viewpoints, etc.); sales and management training (account management, team leadership, etc.). The training plan reflects the firm’s ambition: to provide all of its employees with an exciting, challenging and rewarding career, with a human dimension, at a firm that is recognised as a leader in its sector.

What events mark life outside of the firm’s assignments?

Because we believe that it is essential to ensure the proper integration and the personal and professional fulfilment of our consultants within the firm, we organise recurring seminars, which foster team spirit and allow everyone to develop their knowledge and expertise:

  • Seminars are organised once or twice a year for each consultant seniority level, including training modules on the consulting profession which provide also creating opportunities to network and enjoy time within the consultants direct peer groups.
  • A fun-oriented annual seminar unites the entire firm outside the office in an exclusive leisure environment. Training courses are organised in the morning, while the afternoon is devoted to a variety of fun activities.
  • A summer training session brings the firm’s teams together for two days every year. The programme includes guest speakers, experts in their field, who participate to discuss today’s major economic, social and marketing trends.
  • Lastly, we provide our teams with monthly training sessions, consisting of sectorial training and feedback from various assignments, alternating between full days and half-days on the last Friday of each month. In order to encourage the staff, initiative and involvement, it is the consultants themselves who conduct the presentations.

If you want to know more about life at Exton outside of assignments, please see our “life at the firm” page.