Global report: Neobanks 2021 – Shifting from growth to profitability?

When we published our last report on neobanks back in 2018, we had identified 60 worldwide digital challenger banks that had launched until that date.

Now, only two years later, that number has increased by more than 4 times to an astonishing 256 live Neobanks, with many more in the process of being launched.

In 2019 alone more than 70 Neobanks were launched and 2020 numbers are expected to be in the same range. In other words, over the last two years there was a Neobank launched every five days somewhere in the world.

These developments are reason enough for us to take another close look at this widely debated segment, aiming to better understand the level of disruption caused and its future prospects.

We have structured our study around three major pillars:

  • The global growth of Neobanks – a geographical analysis
  • Trends and tendencies – where are they heading?
  • The rocky path to profitability – three options for Neobanks

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